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Tehnikaüliõpilaste Selts

MTÜ Tehnikaüliõpilaste Selts asutati 9. jaanuaril 2009. aastal, et ühendada noori, kel on huvi tehnika ja tehnikateaduste vastu. Sellest on välja kasvanud tugev võrgustik, mille missiooniks on noorte inseneride oskuste ja arvukuse tõstmine.

Tehnikaüliõpilaste Selts pole mõeldud vaid ülikooli õppuritele vaid meiega on oodatud liituma ka gümnaasiumi ning kutsekoolide peale hakkajad noored, kes soovivad anda oma panuse mõnes meie tegevuses. Omalt poolt teeme kõik, et huviline saaks oma küsimustele vastuse ning oskaks ka seda teistele edastada oma sõnadega. Olgu selleks lihtne küsimus „Mis on kaliiber?“ või keerulisem „Kuidas CNC freespingi juhtimine toimib?“

Tehnikaüliõpilaste Seltsi tehnilisematest projektidest nimekaimad on suruõhuvormeli arendus, lahingurobotite valmistamine ning VR rallisimulaatori ehitus.

Osaleme ka paljudel inseneriteadust populariseerivatel üritustel ja korraldame töötubasid ning seminare – loomulikult ka teiste eriala seltside ja ühenduste lõimumisega seotud üritusi.

Tule!  Tee!  Saavuta!


Pneumobiil T5

Lahingurobot “Tüstroyer”



2 kuud tagasi

Tehnikaüliõpilaste Selts

🎁 Meie traditsioonilised Tartu lastehaigla jõulukingid said ka see aasta kohale toimetatud! 🎁
Kahjuks ei saanud meie inseneripäkapikud🎅 otse lastele kingitusi anda, kuid loodame, et oleme ikka neil südames! 🧡

Tehnikaüliõpilaste selts soovib kõigile rahulikku jõuluaega! 🦌
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Ahhaa Robolahing 2020 battle report.


Our bot team got hit hard on Thursday with corona restrictions due to 3/4 members participating in a class where one student was diagnosed positive. Also our G48 team was hit badly so hard decisions had to be made.

The designer and builder of Tüstroyer stepped in to fill the slot and brought two youngsters from Hugo Treffneri Gümnaasium to help the team with filming and photography. Little did they know that they had to roll up their sleeves and go into full engineering mode...


We thought that we'd just gather some supplies and spare parts and be off to the night, but decided to do a full system check just in case.

It turned out to be a great idea since one wheel was blocked in a certain position. Taking the side cover off revealed that the socket screw was vibrated loose due to practicing session. The same problem was on the other side as well. Also one of the weapon motors magnets had come loose so we had to replace that one as well. The test run was successful and we were ready!

Saturday - Event day:

Everything was according to the plan and we were one of the first ones to arrive. We got to share table with a really cool bunch - team Vikat!

Weighing was a success - total mass: 54.84 kg. We've had problems with weight before so it was a nice relief.

Round 1 Tõka Tõka.

Oh boy the history repeats itself..... We got some good hits in and probably the only proper shot with the axe during the entire competition but the opponent got stuck on the right wheel so badly that the motors magnet flew off, the motor over heated and ESC burned while the ventilator on top of ESC fed the flame and spread the debris around the machine. We got the panel off outside the building to not contaminate to viewers and competitors with toxic fumes. And it was quite a depressing site which we also saw two years ago. To pour even more oil to the flame, one of the teeth was missing which will become a running joke later.

Screw it! Were not giving up! We've prepared for this. Boys started to clean up the fire inside and replace the motor and teeth bolts while our electrician/pilot changed the burnt electronics.
Major setback - There isn't a vice on the site! We can't get the gear off the motor shaft which is pressed on the shaft. A minute of panic later, an out of the box idea - let's change the motor shaft with the gear on and the new motors shaft, they are the exact same size!
Success! Wheel is turning again! New bolts go in for the teeth plate and the rematch is on!

Round 1 Tõka Tõka - Rematch 1

That match was 7 seconds. We got two really good hits in but there seamed to be a problem with our opponents weapon so it was rematch time again!

We lost the plate again! One good hit and all 7 bolts were gone!
Maintenance on the stage. New bolts in and bot back to position.

Round 1 Tõka Tõka - Rematch 2

The match was probably 2-3 seconds long. They crashed into us and that was it. The damage we inflicted to them before had to be quite substantial and probably broke some electronics.

The plates were gone again! And we were running out of bolts to replace on the lost teeth. We needed reinforcements. Quick call to our G48 team and the bolt box arrived with "portals" track playing in the distance ("on your left (door)"). We gathered all M6 higher strength class bolts we found but it was still not enough. Screw it - its welding time! We put some spots on the plates but it was match time again.

Round 2 PÖÖP 2.0.

They were really aggressive at first and went for the hole on top where our main switch was accessed, but we got them tired and got the upper hand. We knew exactly where to lay the hit and we hit hard. Our blade got stuck near their wheel assembly which got ripped open and another hit to the same location blew the bot over! Knock out!

The both teeth were completely bent and broken off with most of the threads ruined. New plates to the rescue and another epic welding montage to commence. Oh boy we used all the time we had and but as much material on the teeth plate as possible. It didn't have to look good... It had to work.. And boy did it work!
We also had to tighten motor bolts since they were critically loose due to the vibrations. All other bolts were tightened as well.

Round 3 - Final - Quark

The fight resembled to fight of David and Goliath (spoiler alert: it was not as the legend goes). The agile Quark tried to hit us from the behind but we didn't let them. After some struggling we got a proper hit in which destroyed one of their wheel assembly covers with another massive hit sending Quark flying and after ripping the rear cover plate off we thought it was it. It wasn't.. Quark found hidden strength and carried on! Another hit landed Quark on top of Tüstroyer which went on a nice piggy back ride with it. The judges thought that the match should be stopped but we were able to get it off our roof, so it continued with 12 sec on the clock. We got a small hit in and the match was over with Tüstroyer emerging as a victor!


We get the final damage report after we get our bot back from AHHAA but at first glace the left side has no proper threads left. Most of the bolts were missing, weapon axle is bent with both bearing blocks destroyed. But it fought to the end and it just worked. We have to use thread glue in the future.. 😀

Over all - you don't have to hit several times when you can hit once and hit hard.

We thank the organizers for a nice event and our competitors for so tough competition!
See you next year!
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Tehnikaüliõpilaste Selts


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